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Litters at Cyndella are taken seriously and every litter is planned with the intent of producing the next generation to further our breeding program. Our litters typically have both the rough and smooth variety in blue merle, tri color and now sable or sable merle. Our breeding plans are dependent on family commitments, as well as our show schedule and may change depending on the timing of the girl's seasons.

We have plans to breed Alana ~ CH. Cyndella's A Beautiful Silhouette ~ early summer. 
Inquiries welcome.

To find out how you can reserve a Cyndella puppy, CONTACT ME for my puppy questionnaire.

Champions Triple Shot and Triple Temptation at 1 week.
CH. Cyndella Triple Shot and CH. Cyndella Triple Temptation at 1 week.



Champion Blue Moon Rising with Caitlin August 2003

Companion puppies are sold on an AKC limited registration with the requirement to be spayed/neutered. A limited registration allows the puppies to compete at all AKC events, except conformation, and allows me to remain compliant with the Collie Club of America's code of ethics.

Not all Collie breeders are alike and I highly recommend you do your research. My Collies have extensive health clearances that are publicly displayed on the dog's individual pages. My puppies are raised in our home and have had the following care before leaving.

Veterinary Health Check: My puppies are examined by a veterinarian after 7 weeks, you're getting a healthy puppy.
Written Health Guarantee: My personal guarantee against any genetic disorder that would negatively affect your puppy's quality of life.
Certified Eye Examination: My puppies are examined by a board certified canine opthalmologist.
Vaccinations: My puppies receive their first vaccine, in a series of three, starting at 8 weeks of age.
De-worming: My puppies receive routine deworming to prevent any parasitic issues and are cleared at their health check.
Pre-Registered Buddy-ID Microchip: My puppies are microchipped by a veterinarian so you can rest assured your puppy will find its way home in an unplanned escape.
Paid AKC Limited Registration: My puppies are registered with the AKC for you. All you need to do is pick a name.
Puppy Goody "Bag": A few goodies to get your puppy off on the right foot.

CH. Cyndella's Call Me Bad Girl pinned down.


On more than one occasion I've been asked how do I raise my puppies. I hope you enjoy . . .



If you are from out-of-state you will need to drive/fly to Denver to pick up your puppy. I want to meet the puppy's future family before they leave.

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